February 2011 – Chaney’s Milk makes its debut in Houchens/IGA stores. Milk very well received


March 2013 – Meeting at Chaney’s Dairy Barn with Kroger representatives from Cincinnati.


August 2013 – Chaney’s meets with Houchens and the decision is made that Chaney’s will take over distribution of the milk to 11 Houchens stores, in the Bowling Green area.


November 2013 – Chaney’s officially takes over distribution of the milk.


December 2013 - Chaney's begins distributing their milk to three Kroger locations in Bowling Green, KY and to three Priceless IGA stores in Bowling Green, KY and Franklin, KY.


We'd like to thank all our customers who have purchased Chaney's Milk at the Dairy Barn and in local grocery stores. In order to move to the next level with Chaney's Family Farm Milk, it is necessary to stop the current processing.


Our vision is to process our milk on the Chaney farm so we can ensure the best quality and offer a variety of products. We would appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we spend the next year working on this transition.


On June 6th, we will be removing Chaney's Milk from the shelves here at the Dairy Barn and from Priceless, IGA and Kroger locations. We plan to return to these stores in the future. We'd like to thank Kroger and Houchens for being willing to continue working with us.


We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you again for all of your support. -The Chaney Family